Natural Welness

The abbreviation S.P.A originates from the latin phrase ”Solus Per Aqua”, meaning ”health through or by water”. This was also discovered by Roman soldiers when they arrived in the Belgian town ”Spa” where they experienced the healing elements of the mineral springs around the town.

At BesteBakken we combine health through water with different forms of massages, shiatsu, facials, reflexology & exclusive bodywraps with our 11 000 year old mud from Hafslo lake. We develop our own skin creams & products using BesteBakkens herbgarden and wild plants from nature.

Mariska Solheim is responsible for the SPA and wellness treatments at BesteBakken. She is originally from South Africa and has international experience from working on luxury cruiseships, where she has learnt to deliver high-quality service.

We are glad that Mariska has decided to settle down in Hafslo and start her family here – she is a comfortable and positive person for BesteBakken and our clients.