Massage treatments

Classic Swedish massage 

Gentle massage, to resolve the tensions and take away negative stress. 

Deep massage
Focuses on solving specific muscle tension and stress areas. This deep, rhythmic, pressure massage gives the whole body a good workout. 
Neck & Back 30 min
Full body 60 min
Wellness Massage 
Ten different massage techniques, from the tip of the toe to the top of the head, which goes beyond just massaging. It creates an entirely unique sense of pleasure and well-being: offering peace to body and mind and acts like a balm for the soul! 

After a thorough review of your needs, 100% pure oil is blended to enhance the body mentally and physically. 

Relax while the whole body is treated by relaxing foot massage. Internal organs and systems are balanced by means of applying pressure to specific points and zones under the feet. 

Stone Massage
Specially selected stones, from the Hafslo area, are heated and placed on your main energy points to provide a unique, warm and comfortable experience throughout the body. The warm stones are combined with pure, natural oil and used in a gentle massage by traditional methods. This relieves stiff muscles and painful stress and gives you a natural relaxed balance. 

Hafslo-clay wrapping
The heavenly journey starts with an exotic sugar & salt exfoliation to remove the dying skin cells. Allow your skin to be acquainted with the genuine Norwegian nature as 11000 years old, mineral rich mud is smeared on the body, and enjoy the warm wrapping which takes your thoughts far away from the bustle of every day life. 
After a pleasant and peaceful time, a light wash in a warm aromatic shower rinses the clay from you and is followed by soothing Wellness massage. 

Facial treatment for men 
Cleansing, moisturising and refreshing: This treatment is entirely individual depending on your specific needs. The skin is cleansed, toned and exfoliated before the face, neck and shoulders receive a relaxing aroma-therapeutic massage. The treatment is for all types of skin, regardless of which problem you have. After the treatment the skin is healthy, refreshing, soft and smooth. In this phase specific problems are taken care of and you are given advice on how to maintain a healthy skin. The only thing you need is to lay back and relax.   

Brow and lash dyeing 
Enhance your eyes by dyeing the eyebrows and/or lashes. 
By using wax and tweezers to remove unwanted hair, your eyes are restored to their rightful setting. 


Hair Removal
Unwanted hair on the body and face can easily be removed using a warm, comfortable antiseptic wax. 

New-hands manicure/pedicure 
Enjoy renewed hands and/or feet as the dead skin and nail bands are taken care of in a gentle and comfortable manner. Nails will be shaped to perfection, followed by a relaxing massage of the hands and/or feet. Finally you receive a rejuvenating and warm paraffin wax which gives the hands and/or feet a silky-smooth feeling. 

Skin treatment for teenagers 
It’s never too early to take care of your skin. This facial is perfect for youngsters who have problems with their facial skin. In addition to the treatment, a trained therapist will help and inform you about maintaining and taking care of your skin.

By customizing colours specifically for your complexion, your natural beauty comes out to shine, equally suitable for the casual trip to town or for an important meeting or formal reception.  

Bridal Makeup 
A perfect face for a perfect day! Bridal Makeup consists of a sample makeup and a mini facial treatment to make sure you look great and fresh throughout the important day! 


Body peeling
New, healthy skin is enhanced by gently removing the dull, dead skin cells using a sugar & salt scrub, followed by a pleasant and refreshing lotion to provide just the right feeling. 

Soon-to-be mother or new mother rejuvenation 

Allow us to pamper the body and mind of you mothers. Regardless of whether you’re a soon-to-be mother or a new mother, a gentle massage and specially selected, caring oils are used to relax the whole body. 
You also have the option of adding an exfoliating treatment to restore the skin's natural condition and make stretch marks less visible. 

Be-mother pedicure 
This luxurious treatment starts of with a therapeutic foot bath followed by exfoliation and treatment, especially suited for swollen feet and provides increased circulation. 
A comfortable foot massage with pure oils which makes the skin and nails soft and relives the pain.