All the meals at BesteBakken are customized as a whole for the entire day. Our lunch is made to compliment our breakfast and provide sufficient nutrients and energy for the rest of the day, but also light, giving you the optimal conditions to continue the day's activities with all your senses fully charged.

We serve a 2-course hot lunch, which is tasty and filling.

Cultural Lunch

During the day, many activities take place outside BesteBakken. If it is not convenient for you to enjoy lunch at BesteBakken, we have several alternatives, combined with several of the activities on offer. One of our many popular offerings is the trip to Jostedal, combined with farm visits, and traditional farm fare for lunch. (Link to activity)


A simple and great option for lunch, if you have a full day planned or just want to enjoy a meal by the fjord, the glaziers or in the mountains, could be to prepare your own packed lunch while enjoying your breakfast.

Gasta Design

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