•  Real goat cheese from Veitastrond
  •  Fresh-made jam
  •  Homemade lamb roll
  •  Smoked salmon / trout from Coast Seafood
  •  Homemade egg salad
  •  Homemade crescent
  •  Homemade toasted muesli
  •  A combination of Lerums orange and cranberry juice

Enjoying breakfast at BesteBakken is experiencing a cross-section of local raw materials, prepared from old and new recipes. We serve everything from homemade jams and berry juice, to home-baked bread and crescents, smoked trout, homemade lamb rolls and cheese specialties from local cheeseries and homemade, toasted muesli.

Gasta Design

Gasta design as, Trolladalen 30, Sogndal, Norway