•  Real goat cheese from Veitastrond
  •  Fresh-made jam
  •  Homemade lamb roll
  •  Smoked salmon / trout from Coast Seafood
  •  Homemade egg salad
  •  Homemade crescent
  •  Homemade toasted muesli
  •  A combination of Lerums orange and cranberry juice

Enjoying breakfast at BesteBakken is experiencing a cross-section of local raw materials, prepared from old and new recipes. We serve everything from homemade jams and berry juice, to home-baked bread and crescents, smoked trout, homemade lamb rolls and cheese specialties from local cheeseries and homemade, toasted muesli.


All the meals at BesteBakken are customized as a whole for the entire day. Our lunch is made to compliment our breakfast and provide sufficient nutrients and energy for the rest of the day, but also light, giving you the optimal conditions to continue the day's activities with all your senses fully charged.

We serve a 2-course hot lunch, which is tasty and filling.

Cultural Lunch

During the day, many activities take place outside BesteBakken. If it is not convenient for you to enjoy lunch at BesteBakken, we have several alternatives, combined with several of the activities on offer. One of our many popular offerings is the trip to Jostedal, combined with farm visits, and traditional farm fare for lunch. (Link to activity)


A simple and great option for lunch, if you have a full day planned or just want to enjoy a meal by the fjord, the glaziers or in the mountains, could be to prepare your own packed lunch while enjoying your breakfast.


Chef Noralf Langeteig has composed evening meals and desserts which suites BesteBakkens intimate atmosphere and unique character. The dishes are prepared with local ingredients for a full evening experience.

Of course, the hostess Lindis Alme personally presents each dish. In line with BesteBakkens food philosophy, we are only happy to convey the interesting secrets that are hidden behind the fragrance and taste sensations.

At BesteBakken we take pride in making every dinner a banquet and serve the daily, great taste experience as 4 to 7-course dinners.

We can accommodate 32 guests.

  •   Taste sensations
  •   Overnighting
  •   Wellness treatments
  •   Activities
  •   Conference room


Great drinks complement great food.An aperitif sharpens the senses, a well-chosen wine balances the taste experience and a Cognac makes for a worthy conclusion. At BesteBakken wa are avid collectors of Cognacs and we welcome the challenge of finding the most suitable for you. Of course we offer alternatives for those who wish.


For guests who prefer alcohol-free drinks we recommend mint juice from Balholm, which is a complete drink in itself and perfect for all our dishes.

  •  Cognac collection
  •  Homemade liqueur
  •  Homemade schnapps
  •  Wine accommodated to the menu
  •  Raw juice from assorted berries
  •  Mint juice from Balholm