Contact information

Host: Lindis Alme
Telephone: 901 68 449
adress: Mobakken 11, 6869 Hafslo. 

Getting here

The flight from Oslo's Gardermoen Airport to Sogndal takes 40 minutes, and from Bergen's Flesland to Sogndal the flight is only 20 minutes.

BesteBakken is a 35 minute trip from Sogndal's Haukåsen Airport.

We provide transport by minibus to and from Sogndal Airport as well as from other locations in Norway.

By car or bus from Oslo via Gol or Fagernes: 350 km (E16)
By car or bus from Bergen via the Lærdals Tunnel or the Vikafjellet pass: 230 km
By car or bus from Trondheim over the Sognefjellet pass: 430 km

For timetables see: