Art and Culture

BesteBakken is also a place for mediation of art. Contemporary artists like Roy Dahl from Ålesund, Olav Harald Ulstein and Guro Øverby from Hardanger are among the visual artists who contribute with the decor at BesteBakken and its sales exhibits. 

Artists also offer courses in painting to guests whom wish to try their creative skills. Music and entertainment are also at a premium, and one of the contributors is Roger Allan Ivin.

BesteBakken is a centre for art and mediation of art and visual art blends in as a natural part of the environment; oil paintings, watercolour paintings, ceramic sculptures and glass art decorate lounges, living rooms, bedrooms and halls all over BesteBakken. Lindis Alme has a vivid interest for visual art and an eye for quality. In this sense she plays an important part in passing down tradition. The region of Luster was a favorite haunt for artists in the 19th century. The striking scenery inspired great National Romanticists, such as J. C. Dahl, Fearnley, Tidemann and Gude. At BesteBakken Lindis opens the house for contemporary artists of today and the walls are adorned with paintings, both from BesteBakkens private collection and paintings for sale alike.

Roy A. Dahl
One of the contributors is the painter Roy A. Dahl from Langevåg at Ålesund. He paints both landscapes and scenes from everyday life. In his persuit of motifs he gathers impressions and mentaly saves them. The results portrays everyday situations and magnificent sceneries with rough brushstrokes and large colour surfaces.

- I often paint people in everyday situations, such as children playing, people in a café or strolling along the street. Here the characters, and how they are placed in the painting, are important. When I paint landscapes, they are abstract interpretations of familiar sceneries of Western Norway, ays Roy A. Dahl.

Guro Øverby
At BesteBakken there are several works by visual artist Guro Øverbye displayed. Her style is classic figuratively and she works with portraits, act, and still life. Her techniques are mainly oil and coal, but she also does graphic work. Guro is originally an Easterner, but was lured by the magnificent landscape and moved to Sogndal. Here she, and her husband Terje Johnbråten, spent five years before they in 2006 found their dream place in the Westland; a small fruit farm high above Sørfjorden in Hardanger. It was not until mature adulthood that Guro decided to focus seriously on being a painter. At Torhild Ramberg she studied classical drawing and painting methods, used by such artists as Da Vinci, Velasques and Caravaggio, for a period of two years. Contrasts between light and shadow play an important role in Guro’s motifs, and when she paints she uses a colour palette that is approximately equal to the palette used by the old classical masters.

As a guest at BesteBakken you can join Olav Harald Ulstein's popular art courses. In this course the participants get an introduction into the artist's unique painting techniques. The course is structured in an inspiring way, in which you as the viewer alternate between painting your own image and study the artist while he paints. Participants receive an introduction to colour usage, composition and the use of the painting knife as a tool. These courses will give all the opportunity to find that after a very short time they master the technique and are able to paint their own paintings. Olav Harald Ulstein painting course is very well suited for beginners who would like to get started. The artist lays great emphasis on this being a course with high spirits and a relaxed atmosphere, something that has become a real trademark for these courses. The concept offers the opportunity to paint individually, but you can also try to paint a large joint painting together with others. One of the goals of the course is to increase self-confidence in the course participants.  

Art Course with Olav Harald
Like Roy A. Dahl, she is modest by nature, but her pictures reveal skilled craftsmanship, confidence in style and knowledge of colour. Guro masters the figurative style as well as the classical, and until now she has focused on portraits. She paints people in both full and half figure. Still life is also an expression she communicates well, and at BesteBakken there are several examples displayed.

- I am preoccupied with the colours in the old classical masterpieces, but I also experiment with other colour combinations. Being skilled at painting is a continuous process and in terms of development I feel I am a novice, says Guro.